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February 2020: 3 Surefire Resources to Jumpstart Your Geospatial Classroom

  • Are you wondering how to leverage what you learned so far with your POD workshops?
  • Do you need to brush up on your GIS skills?
  • Do you need a new geospatial resource for your classroom? 

1.          High-impact GIS projects in 45 seconds or less (Free)

2.          Having trouble finding Analysis tools in ArcGIS Online?  (Free)

  • User must be logged into an Organization account (Free to schools)
  • User must have the Role of Publisher
  • Additional instructions in Facilitator/User Guides Sec. 5 Pg. 11

3.          Esri State ArcGIS Online Story Map Competition for Students (Prizes for students)

News Blast: Stay tuned for the new POD-STEM website – It’s close! Contact if you need any documents before the new release

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