Power of Data

Empowering students with Geospatial Inquiry
The Power of Data (POD) Project is a professional learning and development program that helps secondary teachers teach with GIS and enhance existing lessons with Geospatial Inquiry.

What is it?

  • Highly effective, nationally-recognized professional learning program 
  • Learn to teach science and social studies with ArcGIS Online
  • Free for thirty secondary (grades 6-12) science and social studies teachers from Four Corners states
  • Seeking teachers from underserved areas 
  • Teams encouraged to apply and attend together 

Benefits For Teachers

  • Learn an engaging strategy for teaching science and social studies with ArcGIS Online
  • Gain knowledge and geospatial technology/GIS skills.
  • Design map- and data-driven, standards-based lessons. 
  • Free tuition ($220 value)
  • Earn continuing education units certificates of completion for career advancement
  • Earn a $200 Visa gift card for completion of all requirements.
  • Flexible, online, differentiated professional learning 

Benefits For Students 

  • Become critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Learn essential concepts in science and social studies by examining real, messy, complex problems
  • Increase interest in STEM and STEM careers
  • Develop marketable GIS technology skills


” Geospatial Inquiry is an amazing tool to help our scholars not only be able to articulate their knowledge but to add visual layers that will increase their knowledge of subject matters of interest in cross disciplinary areas of study.  Our students will be so much better prepared to enter the workplace.”

“I believe the workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended.  As a NBCT, I rate this training among the top.”

“I really increased my appreciation of geospatial technology as being really kind of a wonderful fit for STEM careers in general. This isn’t just one more thing on top of it, but it’s a better way to teach things that we’ve already been teaching.”

“POD was a great experience. Can’t wait to expand my knowledge and develop integrated lessons. I think parents will be very impressed.

 “I started off hesitant and unsure of how I could incorporate it into my math class. But now I am confident in the program, full of ideas for lessons, and ready to begin implementing it! I am already planning to introduce the program to the teachers at my school.”

“This workshop was life changing and really opened my eyes to another opportunity to bring in real-world stuff that I’d never thought of before!”

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