What is POD?

Do YOU want to…

  • Increase understanding of Geospatial Inquiry in your classroom?
  • Increase confidence and skills for facilitating Geospatial Inquiry with students?
  • Identify opportunities to implement Geospatial Inquiry to enhance student learning of key disciplinary concepts?
  • Increase awareness of careers that could inspire students to enter STEM fields?

Then a POD Teacher Workshop is the perfect place for you!

The Power of Data (POD) Project is a professional learning and development program that helps secondary teachers enhance existing lessons with Geospatial Inquiry. Geospatial Inquiry involves finding patterns and relationships in data using online mapping technologies.

You will engage in adult-level, Geospatial Inquiry with a focus on science as a learner. This will serve as an example for you to create a similar Geospatial Inquiry for students in your specific content. You will:

  • EXAMINE geospatial data
  • ASK QUESTIONS about geospatial data
  • ANALYZE AND INTERPRET geospatial data in ArcGIS Online
  • ENGAGE IN ARGUMENT using geospatial data as EVIDENCE to support written arguments
  • Present and receive feedback on your argument to peers in ArcGIS Online
  • REVISE your argument based on peer feedback.

POD is recognized by Change the Equation as an Accomplished STEM education program in their STEMworks database. Each program in STEMworks has been independently vetted and cleared a very high bar for quality. Business leaders, funders and STEM advocates from across the nation use STEMworks to find proven and highly-scalable STEM education programs to help them maximize their impact on STEM education.